My first camera

I am Jennie Caldwell, a creative photographer based and working in and around West Wales.

My first camera was a Brownie 127, a Bakelite type instamatic that was passed down to me with great ceremony and good advice from my father about composition, light direction and the preciousness of film. He later showed my siblings and I the magical seemingly alchemical process of black and white film developing.

It was to set us all on a shared journey of a love of photography and image.

In my early twenties, I became involved with my local music scene by way of designing posters and painting backdrops. Along the way I joined forces with some like-minded folks and helped to run and design for a specialist lighting company. We made shows with a plethora of projections. This propelled me onto a carousel of touring, lighting live music and a multitude of diverse happenings from TV to festivals.

On the birth of my dear daughter some years later, like many parents, I started to photograph with new vigour. Ella remains to this day my (sometimes reluctant) muse.

Somewhere along the way, I began to be asked to photograph events, families and document people’s work. Picton Castle commissioned me to capture their beautiful gardens in image over four seasons. The Performing Arts Department at Trinity St David’s University invited me to photograph their theatre productions.

To date I have photographed over a hundred performances of theatre and music. I have loved the privilege of being party to these happenings. Whether taking pictures for precious family memories or artistic endeavours, I can hardly believe my luck that I am there in that fleeting moment. Joy and significance.

If you would like me to photograph your event, performance or your family gatherings, I would be delighted. Please contact me using my contact page and we can discuss what you would like.